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Celebrate the launch of

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Receive 20%-off on every item

on ArtMold's brand new Web site!


That's right. We're so excited about our new, easy-to-navigate Web site and giant new inventory that we're knocking 20% off the price of every item we sell! 

20%-off Lifecasting materials!        20%-off Molding Materials!

20%-off Casting materials!      20%-off Supplies! 

20%-off Books!                        20%-off Educational videos!

20%-off on everything!

 Here's the deal:

Go to ArtMold's new Web site and order as many products as you like. Then, just type the word “savings” in the “discount coupon” section at the checkout. That's it! IMPORTANT: This offer is good for your first purchase on our new Web site. So stock up now and save a ton of money!

Why we're making this one-time offer:

 Frankly, we've put so much time and money into creating a fabulous Web site that we're doing everything we can to get you to visit. Even if it costs us 20% of every purchase!

 When you get to ArtMold's new Web site you'll discover that we've enlarged our inventory by 30% and added all the hot products you've been asking for. Plus, our new Web site is super-easy to use. Go ahead and see for yourself!

 Here's just some of what we have to offer . . . and at 20%-off:

 Art Supplies: Eyes and Body Parts • Makeup Supplies • Paints and Dyes

 Casting Supplies: Cold Casting Powders • Fibers and Fillers • Latex Casting Rubbers • Mounting and Display • Name Plates – Engraved • Plaster and Gypsums • Resin – Polyurethanes • Silicone Casting Rubbers

 Mold Making Supplies: Alginate and Moulage • Ceramic Supplies • Clays and Waxes • Faux/Fake Food • Liquid Latex Mold Rubbers • Life Casting Kits • Life Casting Supplies • Mask Making Supplies •Molding/Casting Kits • Plaster Bandages • Polyurethane Rubbers • Por-A-Mold and Por-A-Kast • Release Agents • Silicone Mold Rubbers

 And much more! But don't take our word for it . . . 


To Receive a 20%-off on every item

on ArtMold's brand new Web site

Enter "savings" in Your Shopping Checkout!



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