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Polyurethane Rubbers

Polyurethane Rubbers

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Polyurethane Rubbers

EnvironMolds polyurethane rubbers feature a convenient one-to-one mix ratio by volume. Vacuum degassing is not necessary and rubbers cure with negligible shrinkage to a durable rubber that will last in production. Polyurethane rubbers are also the best choice for concrete casting as they offer superior physical and performance properties against the abrasive action of concrete mixes.

In fact, polyurethane rubbers out perform all other rubber type materials in mechanically abusive environments. EnvironMolds’ polyurethane rubbers can be used at continuous temperatures up to 225° F (material specific). Theses aliphatic materials are formulated to be water, ozone and UV resistant as well as being widely resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.

Panocast Increase Size by 160%!

EnvironMolds offers a unique polyurethane rubber formula called Panocast, that will actually increase the size of the original by 160%.

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