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Liquid Latex Rubbers

Liquid Latex Rubbers

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Use liquid latex molds to cast plaster, polyester resin or urethane parts or to create masks. Latex rubber is one of the least expensive mold making materials you can chose, yet it is very durable and long lasting. Latex is extremely tough and tear resistant and will last longer than other mold making choices when casting abrasive materials such as concrete. Latex can be applied to models such as architectural details where they are, without the latex running off vertical surfaces or needing to be thickened. In addition liquid latex is a theatrical and special effects product used to create wrinkles, scars, gashes and as an adhesive for bald caps.

NOTE: LATEX CANNOT BE FROZEN. Please note that during winter months latex orders must be shipped so they reach you by the next day. This may mean extra cost for freight to assure the product reaches you in good condition. Please select next day delivery if that is the case. We cannot guarantee product quality if you do not select the over night shipping option during freezing weather.