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Plasticine clay is an important art material used for sculpting, mask making, mold making, special effects and clay animation. This clay is non-drying so the clay can be modeled or reused many times. The plasticine clay brand, Roma Plastilina is the renowned choice of professional sculptors worldwide, as it is high-quality oil-based, modeling clay that never hardens or changes with air exposure. Roma Plastilina clay comes in several degrees of hardness for almost any application.

For more the budget minded user, consider Del Milano plasticine clay, it is a high quality plasticine similar in formula to Roma clay, yet less expensive.

Plasticine clays are often used in the design industry as well as art. For example, industrial plasticine clay is a modeling material which is mainly used by automotive design studios. A product largely produced by Chavant. Industrial plasticine clay often contains sulfur though. However, sulfur inhibits the setting of various silicone mold rubbers. So Chavant also offers a wonderful non-sulfured version clay called “NSP” for industrial designers which we offer here.

We also offer the industry standard ballistic clay used for testing body armor. Roma No. 1 Ballistic clay is specified for use by government agencies for ballistics testing.

In addition to our clay products, we offer a wide variety of carving and casting waxes. The most popular is our micro-crystalline modeling wax for modeling and carving and French casting wax for lost wax casting. Our line of paraffin and bees waxes are the perfect choice for candle making.