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EnvironMolds offers number of educational methods to build your mold making and casting knowledge. These include life casting and mold making videos, books featuring life casting artists and mold making instruction and life casting workshops for real time life casting instruction. In the instructional video  section you can find an instructional videos in DVD format as well as VHS on almost any topic of interest to you whether it be life casting, mold making, casting or finishing. Whether you are a beginner or an a more skilled artist, with almost twenty videos available, you will be certain to find a topic of interest. The book section provides tangible references that you can annotate in your studio or stock your technical library. For those who wish more one on one education, there are the EnvironMolds weekend workshops featuring life casting, mold making, finishing,  mounting and fake food making.

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 Hands and Feet Casting  Duane Hanson: Virtual Reality  Life Casting Workshop - 2 Days
 Create An Artistic Face Casting  Lesson Plans that Wow  
 Casting The Female Torso  Dark Impressions - Hitchcock  
 Lifecasting - Set of 3 DVDs  Mold Making, Casting & Patina  
 Mastering Mold Making Vol. 1  A Sculptor's Guide  
 Mastering Mold Making Vol. 2    
 Mastering Mold Making  - Vol 3    
 Mastering Mold Making - 3 DVDs    
 Monster Movie Masks - Part 1    
 Monster Movie Masks - Part 2    
 Monster Movie Masks  2-DVDs    
 Sculpting Movie Monsters DVD    
 Latex Mold Making Part - 1 DVD    
 Latex Mold Making Part - 2 DVD    
 Latex Mold Making Set of - 2 DVD    
 Mold Mkaing Library Set of 10 DVD    
 The Ulitimate Life Casting Video    
 Success With Full Body Molds    
 Guide to Fine Figure Finishing    
 Standard Molds and Castings DVD