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Life Casting Artists' Hall of Fame

The artists below are masters of photo realistic art. Many of them use life casting materials as their technique to achieve their results. Life casting is the art of taking molds directly from the human body. Their great art is in the pose and the finishing. Mold making is itself a great skill that only the best artist have achieved. You certainly will agree with that when you see the works of these masters of their art form. Click on their images to see example of their works.

Duane Hanson  

 Hanson, Duane  (1925-1996) was born in Alexandria, Minnesota. 

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George Segal  

Segal, George (1924-2000), American sculptor, known for his life-size white plaster casts of human figures.


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 John DeAndrea at Work  

DeAndrea, John. (1941 -    ) , Denver, Colorado.


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Jason deCaires Taylor  

Taylor, Jason deCaires  (1974-   ) Born to an English father and Guyanese mother, Taylor grew up in Europe and Asia.


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Ron Muek  

Muek, Ron (1958 -    ) Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1958. Lives and works in London, England.


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