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Liberty Bell Casting Kit - 25 Students

History and art come alive when students learn how the Liberty Bell was made. They will create a clay model, then a mold and casting. Materials are included to decorate the finished casting in faux bronze just like the original.
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Liberty Bell Casting Kit
The history of mold making and casting goes back to the Neolithic period (6000 – 1800 BC). The establishment of village settlements and the introduction of animal husbandry and agriculture created a need for equipment, tools, jewelry and religious artifacts. This lesson provides opportunities to experiment with and think about where our lives would be without the products created by molding and casting. Many of the material objects we enjoy today are the products of this historic art form – without it we would still be in the dark ages.   Molding and casting are responsible for our consumer electronics, automobiles, our skyscrapers (bricks, cement blocks and tiles are all cast).  Even your tooth brush and tooth paste tube are molded and cast. To emphasize this, look around the room you are in and find those items that have been molded and cast. You’ll be surprised at all the objects you will find.  

This cross curriculm standards-based lesson combines art with history. It invites students to a create a miniature mold and casting of that great symbol of freedom — the Liberty Bell in the same manner in which it was originally made.  The materials and techniques used to create this entertaining project will enable the student to freely explore the practical history of our country. The faux finishing techniques mimics the beauty of traditional materials such as the original bronze that the Liberty Bell is constructed.  The completed casts will be treasured by the student and parent alike for years to come.

The kit materials are the same as those recommended by the book, Lesson Plans That Wow!,Volume 1. and corresponds to Project 4. There is enough material for 25 students which includes:

  • MoldGel molding powder 
  • CastRite casting stone
  • Modeling clay
  • Rub-N-Buf gold leaf
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing containers
  • Plastic knives
  • Mixing sticks
  • Lesson Plan
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