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Jewelry Resin - Jewel-R-Rezin

One of the best jewelry resins is Jewel-R-Rezin is a professional grade, optically clear jewelry resin used for both jewelry making and encapsulation.

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Jewel-R-Rezin 8-OZ Kit
Jewels made with Jewel-R-Rezin Jewel-R-Rezin 8-OZ Kit A few examples of jewelry made with Jewel-R-Rezin Model wearing Jewel-R-Rezin jewelry

A high quality jewelry resin, Jewel-R RezinTM is a professional grade, optically clear jewelry resin used for both jewelry making and encapsulation. It is a 1-to-1 mix ratio by volume. The high quality jewelry resin is UV resistant and non-yellowing. It is a very low odor and is self doming.

The 8-OZ. kit contains 4-OZ Part A Resin, 4-OZ. Part B Catalyst, 6 mixing cups, 6 mixing sticks and directions. You can use this jeweler's optically clear resin for jewelry, encapsulation and also to create highly polished surface coatings on table tops and presentation plaques. Use Cirius Resin Dyes to create colored resin stones for all types using resin molds. You can create beautiful jewelry pieces using hobby store jewelry bezels, too.

DIRECTIONS: To create a water clear casting, simply measure out equal parts of Part A and Part B by volume.  Combine and mix thoroughly making certain to scrape the sides of your containers; failing to do so may result in a poor cure. After about a minute of mixing, pour into your mold or bezel. Allow it to sit undisturbed for about 30-minutes. To test for cure, use a tooth pick to carefully touch the surface to see if it has hardened. Use a tooth pick to test and not your fingers as they will leave finger prints if the resin is still tacky.

COLORING Use Cirius Urethane Dyes to color your Jewel-R-Rezin. Use just a drop or two mixed into the resin after you combine them. Thoroughly mix for an even color. You can also mix with only a few stirs to achieve some beautiful marbling effects.

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