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Hands and Feet Casting Made Simple - DVD

Complete video instructions for casting babies and adult hands and feet. Click 'more' to view trailer.
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Hands and Feet Casting Made Simple - DVD

Casting Baby to Adults Hands and Feet . . .

Renowned sculptor, author and teacher David Parvin demonstrates the techniques he uses in his 5-day workshops to mold and cast babies hands and feet as well as casting a wreath of hands and a ballet dancer's foot. David explains every step of mixing the molding material and pouring the casting material to Achieve bubble free castings every time

He explains a number of tricks to keeping baby still while creating an adorable hand and foot mold You learn how to cast a hand holding an object, how to create hands of couples and how to create a wreath of hands of four hands.

Dave goes on to demonstrate the creation of a casting of a ballerina's foot in a ballet slipper and then suggests ideas for finishing a mounting.

You'll want to collect the entire DVD set, each taught by an ALI certified instructor.

The DVD includes:

  • Casting a baby's hand
  • Casting a Baby's foot
  • Casting a parent's and child's hand
  • Casting a hand holding a ball
  • Casting a adult couple's hands
  • Casting a wreath of four hands
  • Casting a ballerina's foot
  • Ideas for finishing and mounting
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