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Pro Hand Casting Kit

ARTMOLDS EXCLUSIVE! BEST SELLER! Approved and tested by Home Arts Magazine For serious lifecasters that want to turn an artistic hobby into a part-time business.

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  • 'Museum-quality sculpture' is often the description used by our lifecasting artists to describe the results of their first hands lifecasting using the Pro Hand Casting Kit. We call it 'Pro' not because you need to be a professional to use it -- on the contrary first time users get outstanding results -- its because many of our kit users go on to cast hands for profit at fairs, brid and grom weddings and showers, homes for the aged, hospitals, nail salons and special events. Read all about the Pro Hand Casting Kit here. Our kit was tested by 60 members of the Home Arts Magazine Club and received its seal of approval. See eaxmples of artistic hand castings here.

    Studio Quality Materials, Equal Museum Quality Results
    Hands make an extraordinary lifecasting because of their texture and expressiveness. They are also are one of the more simpler lifecasting sculptures in terms of size, preparation time, modeling ease, use of material and space needed to create the mold and casting. We created the Pro Lifecasting Kit shown on the left to take advantage of these facts and to introduce the beginning body caster to the art of lifecasting.

    Highest Quality Materials Available
    Yet, as with the majority of our kits it can be utilized by the advanced lifecasting artist, too as it contains the highest quality molding and casting materials available. This is important for both the novice and the advanced artist because it provides insurance against material failure. By using studio quality materials you can concentrate on your art and not be concerned with substandard material that may create more air bubbles, molding gaps, and tears.
    Our molding material is MoldGel our own special formula of alginate (what the dentist use to take impressions of your teeth). It is a slower set than dental alginate (3-5 minutes) and resists slumping and tearing better than dental alginate. It is completely safe and hypoallergenic, too.

    The casting material - CastRite is a highly dense gypsum and plaster of Paris material that when properly mixed and cured is chip and chalk resistance. It is the same material that is used for lamp bases. Most important we think is the materials ability to capture the finest detail. It does this better than most gypsum-based material we know.

    The Pro Hands Casting Kit contains:
    - MoldGel mold powder
    - CastRite casting stone
    - Plasticine clay to support long fingernails
    - Large plastic molding container - reusable
    - (2) 2.5 gallon plastic mixing containers - reusable
    - Drop cloth
    - Instructions

    Profit Making Opportunity, Too!
    Many of customers use our Pro Hand Casting Kit to cast hands for profit. That is the 'Pro' in our kit's name. With our modestly priced kit refills you can sell your lifecasting art at fairs, or through hospitals, senior citizen homes, nail salons and flea markets. With finished and mounted castings selling for as much as $125.00 your art work should more than pay for itself. A casting of a child's hand held by a parent or grandparent makes unique and touching gift . . . or cast that golfer's hand holding his favorite club . . . or a young gymnast's hands on the parallel bar - only your imagination will limit you to the possibilities of the opportunities to sell your art work as personalized, lasting mementos that will be a lifetime treasure.

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