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Face EZ Cast Kit

BEST SELLER! EXCLUSIVE TO ARTMOLDS! Casting the face is a bit more challenging then casting hands or a torso, but very rewarding.
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Face EZ Cast Kit with Examples
Face EZ Cast Kit with Examples Examples of face casts Face casting kit example Cold cast face casting Polychrome face casting Dual face casting Example of a cold cast face casting Boy wholding his face casting Widest Selection of Life Casting Kits Available | ArtMolds

Casting the face is a bit more challenging then casting hands or a torso, but the satisfaction is so much greater. We believe that is because just as the 'eyes are the mirror to the soul', the face is the reflection of the personality. Nothing has more instant recognition as the face. See face casting examples here.

Face casting dates back to Egyptian times and has been practiced by sculptors for centuries. Many famous people have had their faces cast including Napoleon, the US presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the 19th century composer Franz Lizst to name a few. The ArtMolds Face EZ Cast Kit contains professional quality instructions and materials to create a mold and casting of a similar famous person or more importantly that special someone. And because it makes an extraordinary wall hanging it is the perfect gift for the person that has everything" and it’s made by you!

Check out this face casting procedure at the Artmolds Studios using the ArtMolds Face EZ Cast Kit.

Highest Quality Materials Available
As with all of kits they are assembled to be used by both the beginner as well as the accomplished artist. A major reason is that we use the highest quality molding and casting materials available. This is important for both the novice and the advanced artist because it provides insurance against material failure. By using studio quality materials you can concentrate on your art and not be concerned with substandard material that may create more air bubbles, molding gaps, and tears. Our molding material is MoldGel our own special formula of alginate (what the dentist uses to take impressions of your teeth). It is a slower set than dental alginate (3-5 minutes) and resists slumping and tearing better than dental alginate. It is completely safe and hypo allergenic, too. The casting material - CastRite is a highly dense gypsum and plaster of Paris material that when properly mixed and cured is chip and chalk resistance. It is the same material that is used for lamp bases in commercial casting. Most important we think, is the materials ability to capture the finest detail. It does this better than most gypsum-based material we know.

Each Kit Contains:

  • MoldGel alginate-based mold powder
  • CastRite casting stone
  • Clay to plug nose holes when casting
  • Plaster Bandages
  • Special cotton fiber to bond MoldGel to plaster bandage
  • 2.5 gallon plastic mixing containers - reusable
  • Cotton swabs to keep the nose clear
  • Instructions
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