Maternity EZ Cast Kit

BEST SELLER! EXCLUSIVE TO ARTMOLDS. The one-step easy process to make a pregnancy casting or a front torso cast. The national phenomenon that is sweeping the country as reported in the November 2001 issue of "People" magazine

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To make a belly casting.. The one-step easy process to make a belly casting or a belly mask.

If you have never made a belly casting before you are missing the real fun of life casting. This is the kit for the beginner as it is an all-in-one step process - no casting material to prepare. The mold is the finished cast. We have done all of the tedious material preparation and included everything you will require to make a plaster front torso belly mask using the highest quality plaster bandages.
Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the kit as plaster bandage casting is the life casting method used by the internationally famous life caster George Segal. This is a technique that you should become familiar with if you intend to do more life casting. Though the finished product will not be as detailed as our Front Torso Kit, what it lacks in detail it makes up in simplicity, ease of use and instant gratification. The instructions are clearly written and includes our studio hot line number in case you need some live coaching.
Important Note: Our belly casting kits are more substantial then competing kits. Most other kits supply 4 rolls of plaster bandages. We supply 50% more material because as experienced lifecasters we know that your casting needs that extra strength to last. That is enough material for 160 lbs. model (order an additional packet of plaster bandages per 50 lbs additional weight.)
Each Kit Contains:
  • 90 yards of 4' plaster impregnated bandages-Precut (6 rolls)
  • 3 ounces MoldEZ Release Agent
  • 1 pair surgical grade rubber gloves
  • 1 plastic drop cloth
Be sure to check out the popular Finishing Kit that provides you several choices of finishes to complete your Easy Torso Belly Mask.
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