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EnvironMolds Liquid Latex Mold Making Rubber

Buy liquid latex at ArtMolds and let your imagination run free with this special effects makeup staple product. Our liquid latex products are perfect for theatrical use as well as video shoots.

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EnvironMolds Mold Making Latex 16-Oz.
Price: $12.95
EnvironMolds Mold Making Latex 32-Oz
Price: $21.99
EnvironMolds Mold Making Latex 1-Gal.
Price: $69.99
EnvironMolds Mold Making Latex 5-Gal.
Price: $299.99

EnvironMolds Liquid Latex Mold Making RubberEnvironMolds Liquid Latex Mold Making Rubber
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  • EnvironMolds liquid latex is a multi-use liquid rubber. It is used as a mold making rubber to make flexible and durable latex molds to reproduce life castings, cast statues, figurines, plaques, etc. It reproduces the most complicated objects the professional way and obtain the finest detail possible. Liquid latex molds are created by applying a number of single coats to the object that is being reproduced. As one coat of liquid latex dries another may applied until 10-12 coats are applied to provide for an adequately thick mold. EnvironMolds liquid latex molds are durable, reusable, and economical to make. The molds you make from EnvironMolds Liquid Latex can be used to cast paper, plaster, candle wax, soap, casting resin, casting epoxy, gypsum plaster and cement.

    EnvironMolds liquid latex is also used as used to create special effects. This theatrical quality liquid latex is used to create wrinkles, monstrous skin texture, or even to smooth out certain features if you like. For added realism, paint it when you're done used Cirius Latex Colorants. Liquid latex used for special effect make-up projects like scars and gashes incorporate flesh colored latex that is applied to the skin and then built up using materials such as tissue paper and cotton. EnvironMolds Liquid Latex also works as an adhesive for bald caps, prosthesis, and more. Simply remove it with warm soapy water when the your are finished.

    EnvironMolds liquid latex is a pure liquid latex product with .6% ammonia drier comes with instruction sheet. EnvironMolds liquid latex is now available in 16 oz., 32 oz., and 1-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

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