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Cirius Silicone Paints 2-Oz

Silicone pigment when mixed with silicone paint medium makes a paint for application to silicone surfaces.

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Red - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Blue - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Yellow - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Black - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
White - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Orange - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Green - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Brown- 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Purple- 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Caucasian- 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95
Quinn Blush - 2-oz silicone pigment
Price: $9.95

Cirius Silicone Paints 2-OzCirius Silicone Paints 2-Oz
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  • color choices for Cirius Silicone Dye and Paint 2-Oz
  • Cirius Silicone Dye and Paint 2-Oz

  • Examples of Cirius Silicone Paints

    Cirius Silicone Paints offers ten great colors including 'Quinn Blush' used by renown doll rebirthing artist Terry Quinn to add skin blush to her silicone dolls. (see image above)

    Silicone surfaces require a silicone-based paint for adhesion.

    In order to use the silicone paint system to apply to silicone surface, the colorant must be combined with Cirius Silicone medium. The combination of the colorant and the medium actually produces a colored silicone coating which chemically bonds with silicone surface and become part of the surface itself. Thus, the paint application will not rub off or degrade unless the surfaces is abraded to get do to the original silicone surface.

    Cirius Silicone Paints may be used as a dye or pigment to color silicone before it is mixed to give the silicone a uniform color. For example, to make flesh colored mask using a translucent silicone such as SkinRite 10, you may want to give it an over all color before casting. That will make a realistic mask easier to make by only adding surface tones when the silicone mask has set. (See the example of the silicone colored hand above.)

    To achieve this just add  a few drops (it is very concentrated) to the silicone base before adding in the silicone catalyst. Again,for this purpose a little colorant goes a long way. The painting system is most often used extrinsically to paint the silicone surfaces after the silicone rubber has set.

    CAUTION: The internal dying or pigmenting will only work with tin-based silicones. If this colorant is added to a mixture of platinun silicone, it will interfere with setting of the platinum catylized rubber.

    Thin Cirius Paints with Cirius Silicone Painting Medium. Clean your surface with acetone and let dry. You may thin Cirius paints for airbrush work with Naptha VM&P. Use Naptha VM&P to clean you airbrush as soon as possible after applying your paint to prevent it from clogging.

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