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Casting The Female Torso - DVD

Renown sculptor, author and teacher David Parvin, ALI teaches how to cast the nude and clothed female torso. Click 'more' to view trailer.
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Casting The Female Torso - DVD

Everything you need to know to cast the nude and clothed female torso . . .

 Renowned sculptor, author and teacher David Parvin demonstrates the techniques he uses in his 5-day workshops to mold and cast beautiful sculptural works using
the female form.
 David explains every step thoroughly and succinctly including the use of materials their application, his unique style and studio secrets.
He first demonstrates his technique using a silicone torso. He then shows how to create a beautiful casting using the nude figure. Finally, he shows how to cast over clothing using a young ballerina in a leotard to create a beautiful work of showing every fold of cloth.
 Front torsos make classic wall hangings and wonderful works of art. David proves that anyone can learn to be a life casting artist and sculptor. This is the second instructional DVD in the life casting instructional series. It provides creative ideas and tips even for the most advanced artist and sculptor.
 But that is not all . . . David shows teaches how to apply an amazing bronze faux finish to create a stunning sculpture of the young ballerina.
 You'll want to collect the entire DVD set, each taught by an ALI certified instructor.
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