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Liquid Latex Casting Rubbers

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Latex Casting Rubber

Buy liquid latex at ArtMolds and let your imagination run free with this special effects makeup staple product. Our liquid latex products are perfect for theatrical use as well as video shoots. 

There are basically two families of casting rubbers in the mold maker’s material tool kit. The first and most widely used are the mold making rubber formulas. The second, and the subject of this category, are the liquid latexes used for mask making and theatrical work (comparable in application to slushing casting clays used in ceramics) or also known as the dipping rubbers.

Latex casting rubbers are formulated to be less viscous (more fluid) than latex mold making rubbers such as Kreemtex. RD 407 Mask Making Rubber is the industry standard casting rubber used in the manufacture of latex masks, props, gloves and other thin skin latex products. These rubbers can be poured or painted in into special plaster molds such as those made of CastRite. The liquid latex then sits in the mold for about 30-45 minutes and is poured off. What is left behind is a thin skin of latex rubber yielding excellent detail reproduction and a fast demold. After drying overnight the result is a flexible rubber skin in the form of the mold which can be painted using latex paints. RD-407 can be painted with adhesive based paints or Cirius Latex based pigments. RD-407 comes as a naturally viscous material that yields a stretchy but durable rubber upon curing Latex casting rubbers can also be used as a dipping rubber to form successive coats. Be sure to look at the fillers and ancillary latex products to help you create professional latex castings. To see example of latex casting props, be sure to visit of fake/faux food category.

Latex Casting Rubber for Dipping

RD 407 latex is also used as a dipping latex. That is, molds can be made by dipping the model into the latex and allowing each coat to dry. About twelve coats are need for a satisfactory mold. RD-407 is also used to coat fabrics for waterproofing or to create a variety of props. As an alternative to casting RD-407 can be a money and time saver for prop making in general. One can carve foam into a desired shape and then coat the foam with liquid latex. This will not create a perfectly smooth surface, but is much less expensive than casting as it requires fewer steps and fewer resources.

Latex Casting Rubber for Tools

RD-407 is also used to protect tools. By dipping the handles of tools three to four times allowing each coat to dry before successive coats an RD-407 covered tool handle will not only make it fit the handle more comfortably and improve the grip, but will provide insulation from electric hazards.