Slush Casting The Full Head Latex Mask

Block Mold Injection  38

Slush casting is the method most often associated with ceramic casting. A clay slip is poured into a hollow plaster mold and allowed to stand for a period. The end of which time, the slip is poured out, leaving a partially cured hollow casting of clay slip behind on the wall of the mold.The plaster mold, through capillary action removed the water from the slip that was coating the plaster surface. Through a series of further clay slip pours into the mold, the thickness of the casting can be increased to the desired size. In this posting, however, we provide complete instructions on how to create a professional quality full-head, latex mask. It will be created using the identical method – a slush casting mold followed by a slush cast hollow rubber piece. In our example, it is a rubber monster mask.For all the "How-To details click here.

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