stuck in vagina

Stuck Inside Giant Stone Vagina Sculpture


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Just like the warning label on the last step of a step ladder seems to defy common sense, the lack of one on a giant stone vagina sculpture was an exchange student's undoing. Firefighters have delivered a U.S. foreign exchange student from a giant stone vagina after the man became stuck when he crawled inside the campus art installation. The photos were taken by the man's friend and posted on image sharing website Imgur, where they quickly attracted plenty of interest. Embarrassingly for the captive student, the scene caught the attention of a number of passersby - especially when a large contingent of emergency services were called to try and free him. His friend at the scene was also amused enough to take a few photos and post them online. Five emergency vehicles and 22 firefighters were said to have helped free the stuck student.

The images were posted on Imgur under the title: 'My Friend Got Stuck in the Vagina Statue in Tubingen'. The sculpture was created by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara and is located outside Tubingen University's Institute for Microbiology and Virology, in southwest Germany. Photographer Erick Guzman explained that the stuck man 'just wanted to take a funny picture in the vagina statue'. 'The Germans told us it was a normal thing to do!' However, the stunt was not so funny to the emergency services who arrived to help free him. 'The fire department was not really amused and he was really embarrassed,' Mr Guzman wrote. The photos have gathered plenty of attention online and spawned hundreds of comments, including dozens of lubrication, birthing and forceps one-liners.

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