How to Display A Casting?

How to Display A Casting?


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A frame is requisite for displaying a painting or a photograph. But how do you present a three-dimensional artwork like a sculpture or life cast? A base and name plate will render a finished look.

Once your cast or life cast is ready, you will start thinking about how to display it. A mask can easily be hung on the wall by inserting a wire at the back during the casting phase itself. However, other sculptures and life casts need to be presented properly, preferably as a tabletop.

This is where bases and name plates engraved enter the picture. Indeed, the best way to display a sculpture or life cast is to mount it on a base. This will give a refined look to the cast and make it ready for presentation. These bases come in different materials, shapes and colors. All you have to do is glue the bottom of the artwork to the middle of the base and let it dry.

The next step to give a gallery-like finish to the cast or life cast is to affix a brass name plate to the base. Indeed, an engraved nameplate listing the title of your work and your name as the artist is the perfect finishing touch for your creation. If you wish, you can also add the date and year on the name plate.

Now that you know exactly what you need, start exploring the options in bases and brass engraved name plates on the EnvironMolds website, The Studio Accessories tab throws open a complete range of wood and marble bases in varying shapes, finishes, sizes and colors. You can easily choose the right one to complement your artwork.

Then move on to the name plates – engraved section. Here you will find four sizes of brass engraved name plates with an option of two types of mounting - nails and adhesive backing and two kinds of corners – square and rounded. Once you make your choice, you can specify the engraving – up to three lines of text (not more than 30 characters each) in the font you like. The order will be ready in 10 days and delivered speedily.

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