Free Sculpture Materials - Must Remove!

Free Sculpture Materials - Must Remove!


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Calling All Creative Space-Saver Sculptors

Now here is a great opportunity to solve the “law of unintended consequences..’ That is, what do all the New England cities do with all the furniture items used to mark the spots of saved, shoveled out parking spaces?

Last week, the Somerville, MA, Department of Public Works began rounding up plastic chairs and other miscellaneous objects residents had used as parking space savers - which was never legal in the city, incidentally - during the record-smashing series of snow storms that shackled the entire Boston area last month. 

Now the question is, what’s going to happen to all those space savers? That is where our creative sculptors come in – create art from the discarded furniture dedicated to the areas greatest snowfalls on record.

Somerville officials say they would welcome imaginative solutions from residents.

“We’re always looking to be creative so anything’s on the table (big or small),” Jackie Rossetti, a spokeswoman for the city, told WBZ-TV.

Anyone who wants to submit an idea can email:, or call 311 (617-666-3311 from outside Somerville city limits).

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