The Life Caster's Best Friend

The Life Caster's Best Friend


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A number of years ago we asked our chemist to develop and application that would delay the set time of alginate. After a number of trial and errors he came up with a formula we call Algislo. Through a series of symbiotic events, not only does this formula delay the set time of all alginate impression material products, it also dissolves the surface of alginate providing extra time for the artist to embed cotton fabric to provide a means to secure an application of plaster bandages. Finally (so we thought) it allows the bonding of a alginate surface that has been set to fresh alginate. From the field we received reports of users spraying on alginate that had dried on its user’s clothes. Algislo softened it allowing it to easily be removed using an old tooth brush.

In brief, Algislo is a 4-in-1 alginate control formula . . . a must have for anyone who uses alginate. This is an indispensable multi-use formula for all brands of alginate.

You can use it as a . . .

RETARDER . . . increase alginate set time up to 5 or more minutes.
BONDER . . . bond a set layer of alginate to a new layer, stronger than any other method available.
SOFTENER . . . softens freshly set alginate to allow application of fiber to the surface to firmly hold a mother mold.
CLEANER . . . Remove dried alginate from clothes

Algislo is the alginate-retarding agent created especially for artists, special effects, restorers, taxidermists, sculptors, mold makers and anyone who wished they had more control over their alginate product.  Algislo is the answer to all alginate users! To slow set time: in 16 ounces (480 ml) of water simply substitute approximately ½ ounces (15 ml.) of your water mix to ½ ounces (15 ml.) of Algislo for each minute of additional set time desired, for up to five and even more minutes. OR for every pound of water remove 1/2 oz. (15 ml.) of Algislo to add one minute (approximately) of set time.

To use Algislo as a boner, for best results surface to be bonded should be recently set as the longer the set, the poorer the bond. Thoroughly spray the surface of the alginate and apply your new alginate layer. We recommend spraying the surface rather than the use of a paint brush for more even results and to avoid pulling on a tacky area.

When applied to a recently set surface, Algislo will soften it sufficiently to allow the application of fiber to secure a mother (shell) mold. For best results we recommend spraying the surface before it sets. This will act as a surface set retarder giving the life caster ample time to apply fiber on the surface.

Algislo will help remove dried alginates from clothes and cloth. Spray on and wait for three minutes. Then scrub with a tooth brush to remove. If residual material remains, then repeat the process until all traces are removed.

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