Noting the Passing of the Sculpture Journal

Noting the Passing of the Sculpture Journal


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I have been thinking about Jon David White lately. I suppose it is because I have been working on the ArtMolds Journal. Jon was the pubiisher of the Art Casting Journal which morphed into the Sculpture Journal. So in one sense we are kindred spirits.

John passed away last year after a brief illness. With his passing so went his great industry publication. A magazine that would be gracious enough to publish my infrequent articles. Jon was born in 1941, the same year I was born so I am also thinking of my own mortality.

Jon described his Art Casting Journal as,"The premier world-wide publication read by sculptors and art foundry personnel for reference on cast art. informative articles on all aspects of cast art."

Published monthly, the Art Casting Journal featured exceptional editorial coverage along with photo layouts on all aspects of art casting; from mold-making, wax-working, shell-making, metal-pouring and chasing, to the final patina. The Art Casting Journal staff was committed to bringing its readers the world of art casting news. Their writers were on assignment all over the country. They were listening. Watching. Learning. All for their readers."

The industry will miss such a valuable resource, but most of all it will miss a great man who dedicated his life to the industry he loved so much. We will miss you Jon. Rest in peace my friend.

Ed McCormick


Edmund McCormick is the founder of Cape Crystal Brands and EnvironMolds LLC. He is the author of several non-fiction “How-to” books, past publisher of the ArtMolds Journal Magazine, editor of Beginner's Guide to Hydrocolloids, and author of six eBook recipe books available for download on this site. He resides in Far Hill, NJ and lives and breathes his art and food blogs as both writer and editor. You can follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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