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EnvironMolds Website – Redesigned and Upgraded


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The EnvironMolds website has undergone a major overhaul and is back with a spanking new setup. The tabs make it easy to locate the right products you need even when you may not know what you actually need.

Have you checked out the EnvironMolds website recently? The space has undergone a major revamp and the results are more than worth a dekko. The bright colors and large pictures draw the eye and will leave you craving to try a hand at making molds and casts.

The upgrade has made the website easier to navigate. You can easily find the exact products you want – be it plastilina clay, alginate, silicone rubber or cold casting powders.

On scrolling further you will find that the home page is conveniently split into two sections – Products and Applications. Artists who know what they want can click on the Products link to access the various product categories hosted by EnvironMolds. There’s everything from clays for clay modeling, waxes, latex rubber and polyurethane resin to casting kits, tools, equipment and instructional videos. This will lead you to the various options available in that category so that you can easily take your pick.

Those who are not sure about what they are looking for or even uncertain about which products they should use for a particular project can opt for the Application tab. You can browse through the various art applications like culinary mold making, doll reborning, mask making, antique restoration, sculpture reproduction, fossil preservation and more. Selecting a particular application will throw open product suggestions for the project you have in mind. Along with this, there are instructional how-to videos that take you through the various steps for making a particular mold or cast. They are also packed with some handy tips and suggestions.

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