David Parvin

Dave Parvin's Lifecasting Workshop


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David Parvin

Dave Parvin called to announce  that his new life casting workshop is scheduled for the beginning of August. Dave teaches a number of methods to cast the entire human form from life including faces, hands and body. His 5-day workshop course covers the beginning basics of life casting through the advanced techniques for both the student as well as the professional. Dave limits his workshop enrollment to about a half dozen so he can give personal time to each student so he suggests making advanced reservations, as soon as possible, so no one is disappointed.

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I have attended many life casting classes over the years with some great artists, including several of his classes, and can say that he is perhaps one of the best teachers of the art form I have experienced.

Dave has over 25 years of experience in life casting, with many more years of traditional sculpting. If you have any desire to learn the art of life casting from one of the masters, I suggest you contact him at his Academy of Lifecasting. I promise you that you won't be disappointed. His prices are very reasonable, too.

Experience part of one of his workshops yourself by viewing the video below:

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