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Last week I received a call from Don Carlson asking about a clay that wouldn't melt under hot studio lights yet can be softened and manipulated for his animation work. We had a long discussion of possibilities and a series of emails followed. I wound up sending him a sample clay kit by Chavant which might fit the bill. But as we continued our correspondence I learned that Don's questions weren't coming from a man with just casual knowledge of clay. He in fact had studied clays and their components and had actually written a book on the subject.

I asked Don if he would write an article about his clay experience in the next issue of ArtMolds Journal.

He replied, " As a matter of fact, I am a writer by trade! Started with Animateclay News, then Cinemagicians and Stop Motion Magazine.The pieces could be what you might call "technical writing", as the average person can not make heads or tails out of what they're reading.  So the article might have to be edited for clarity. But yeah, sounds exciting! "

So expect to read a interesing and novel piece in the August Septemper issue.

Here is a little video snippet by Don to tantalize you with the good things to come.

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