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Artist Awareness and Branding


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Great art is not the only factor in selling your artwork. Branding and awareness plays a critical roll as it does with all great art through history. The more people that know about you and your work, usually the higher the price artwork commands, and of course, the more you will sell. Marketing does not have to be time consuming either. By joing a peer group you are getting yourself know as well as learning what the art market is about in your chosen field. Here is a collection of very active forum groups that can be helpful to your branding. It only takes a minute to join by clicking the links listed below.

ART Professionals Worldwide Fine artists and all people working related to the arts. (Members 52,200)

Artist Marketing Resources Visual Artists join for cross-promotion, marketing and support. The group is for sharing latest how-to, art sales, galleries, resources, networking, visibility, exposure and more to help artists grow their careers. (Members 2,775)

ArtCollector To facilitate networking among art collectors, galleries and others who are interested in collecting art. The main focus is on the art collectors to put them in contact with each other. (Members 11,798)

ART Professionals Worldwide  A group to unite art professionals world wide. . Fine artists and all people working related to the arts. (Members 52,215)

Artists and Sculptors   This is a group for artists, sculptors, painters and other creative professionals. Our group is for helping artists to network and to make them more visible to others seeking creative services. (Members 8,962)

Art Materials Industry The International Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) is the largest trade association dedicated exclusively to the art materials industry. NAMTA members include retailers, manufacturers, distributors and importers all over the world, working toward a common goal of promoting the art materials industry. (Members 956)

International Network for the Arts The International Network for the Arts (INA) is for every artist, performer or fancier of the art world. Theatre, dance, music, literature, photography, film, video, fashion, graphic design, sculpture, architecture, painting, conceptual art, artistic invention, animation, all are welcome to network. In this group you can network, promote events, exchange ideas, post jobs, find new contacts, inspire others or just hang out to see what's happening in the art world. (Members 19,957)

Museum & Art Galleries  Institutions in the field of art and craft. Working with museums or art galleries or similar institutions or self-employed or free-lancer in the field. (Members 3,759)

The Sculpture Center The Cleveland abstract sculptor David E. Davis (1920-2002) and his wife Bernice Davis founded The Sculpture Center, as a 510(c)3 arts organization that is a Trust for the support of early career Ohio sculptures, a group underrepresented in gallery and institutional exhibitions, with the hopes of encouraging sculptors to remain in this area. (Members 1,796)

Contemporary Sculpture Sculpture! News and networking relative to contemporary sculpture, sculpture exhibitions and sites for large scale outdoor sculptures. Information exchange for new exhibitions, major installations, sculpture conventions, etc. Our main focus for this group is educational and cultural enrichment. (Members 4,595)

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