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How Long Does A Life Casting Take?


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Life casting is a fun and memorable way of preserving a memory for eternity. The prospect of a three-dimensional art piece of your own body part is quite exciting for most people, but they are often put off by the casting process.

Well, to make matters clear, it does not take hours to create a body mold. In fact, the whole procedure – from setting up to the final clean up – can be completed within 2 hours or even less.

The actual time taken to capture a mold varies depending on the body part and its size. A baby's hands or feet need to be dipped into the mold making alginate just for 30 to 90 seconds. Similar body parts of adults will take 20 to 30 minutes maximum. Face casts or other larger casts with more detailing will take an hour or an hour and a half (for full body casts) on the outside. More time will be needed if there are multiple subjects, like for a ring of hands, or other group concept. It is possible to even capture your beloved pet's foot, if you wish!

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