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WOW! An Inexpensive Method to Waterproof Your Art and Everything Else, Too.

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 419 Views 4 comments

Newer Wet

Now here is what you have been waiting for -- an inexpensive way to waterproof your art and sculpture in order to display it outside. This unbelievable new material will waterproof everything else, too.

NeverWet, which had its own viral video demonstration last year by Lancaster Online garnering more than 4.9 million views to date, will begin selling its superhydrophobic spray system under the Rust-Oleum brand at Home Depot stores nationwide.

“This is a game changer,” Jim Stinner, vice president of marketing for Rust-Oleum, said, according to the Lancaster Online. “Everyone is going to want to try it out.”

“This is certainly going to be one of the biggest products we’ve ever had,” he continued.

Lancaster Online dubbed the product “magical.”

Stinner also said the product itself has already generated considerable interest, even though it won’t be hitting the shelves for the next couple weeks.

NeverWet consists of a two-can spray kit that can cover a 10 to 15-square-foot area, making it repellant to water and heavy oils:

Among other things, it can be used on metal, wood, masonry and aluminum as well as fabric, leather and canvas.

But the possible uses for Rust-Oleum NeverWet seem limited only by the imagination of the customer.


For instance, NeverWet officials showed a reporter this past week how it can be sprayed on the inside of a cardboard case of beer to make an impromptu ice chest.

Yes, it works on phones too in up to six inches of water.

Any object coated with our NeverWet coating literally cannot be touched by liquid,” the Pennsylvania-based company stated. “Any liquid placed on this coating is repelled and simply rolls off without touching the underlying surface. Not only is this amazing to see, but it solves a myriad of problems.”

Check out how it works:

Even with the partnership NeverWet has made with Rust-Oleum, which NeverWet CEO Daniel Hobson called a “huge deal” for the “innovation company,” he told Lancaster Online they’re not stopping when it comes to improving the product. They hope to have a completely transparent spray — it currently leaves a slightly cloudy look — in the future.

The product will sell at Home Depot for $19.97 per spray system.

CJ Munn 5 years ago at 8:57 AM
Wonderful! I had seen this product in videos but it didn't occur to me it could be used to waterproof our sculptures. I hope they sell it in the UK soon, I can't wait to have a go. I wonder what the longevity of the waterproofing capability is. Does anyone know?
Ed McCormick 5 years ago at 6:30 PM
Dave Parvin and I were discussing other possibilities, too - the ability to get a better mold of cloth by water proofing it with this method. As far as its longevity only testing and time will tell. --Ed
Dan Spector 5 years ago at 12:05 AM
In building repair and preservation the holy grail is a waterproofing product that allows the surface to breathe. You'd also want shoes to breathe. I doubt this will do that, but still wonderful to think my plaster can live outside.
Joe Canger 5 years ago at 3:04 AM
Since the product has not yet been released, I was wondering if it was tested long-term outside as the seasons change. Water-proofing a pair of sneakers is one thing, but is it durable in the extreme heat of summer thru sub-zero freezing in the winter? I have a "bird-bath" that sits outside year-round. I started with a plaster life-cast and thoroughly painted her with resin 3x. For a finishing coat, I pantined her. She survives the year outside in the elements, but eventually the expanding heat and the contracting cold creates small cracks in the resin coat. Rain gradually finds its way in and then problems arise. I'll be happy to experiment with long-term effects of this new product.