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How to Create Concrete Molds for Garden Ornaments

How to Create Concrete Molds for Garden Ornaments
By Ed McCormick 3 years ago 389 Views 8 comments

Though polyurethane rubbers have been displacing latex as the material of choice for the molds for concrete castings, latex still has the longest library life of of any materials currently available today. Latex often lasts for many decades without losing mold details. Its abrasion resistant surfaces makes it an ideal choice when creating concrete garden objects.The advantage of polyurethane rubber is that it takes less time to create a mold. However, the big disadvantage is that it is more expensive than latex mold making rubber. A good latex mold requires up to fifteen or more applications to achieve an 1/8th inch mold surface, whereas polyurethane may require only three layers for the same thickness. In this example, we demonstrate how to make a two-part latex brush-on mold for casting garden ornaments. Please follow this link for a complete explanation in pictures

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Nick Mallory 2 years ago at 6:20 AM
I didn't know that you could make a mold like this; this is really cool! I never would have thought that the molds could last for years. I don't know if I have time for this and I'd like to get some yard decorations out in the lawn for our summer party in a few weeks. I might buy some online, but I'll keep your post in mind. http://www.unitstepjoliet.com/products/
Steven Harrison 2 years ago at 3:53 PM
Thanks for this, as well as for linking to a step-by-step picture guide. I like to customize everything about my life if I can, and it's about time I choose the shapes of my own garden statues. If I don't do it this way, I'll need to invest in a 3D printer. I'll have to consider my approach. http://www.adagiftshop.com/np1-listing-dept-30110
Annie Marks 2 years ago at 7:10 AM
I like your idea of using a latex material to create outdoor garden statues! I had no idea that latex can last for many decades without losing its mold! That is unfortunate that latex molds can be a bit more pricey. Thank you for sharing tips on creating your own garden fixtures!

John Carston 2 years ago at 5:14 AM
This is an interesting idea for cheap garden statues. I like the creativity involved versus buying ornaments from the store. Thanks for including an explanation in pictures as well for making the statues. I'll have to give this a try, thanks for the helpful how-to guide.
Michael Beal 1 years ago at 1:08 AM
Really it is amazing that with this material to create garden decoration. We can develop the garden decoration with this type of ideas thanks for sharing your valuable tips. http://www.gardensculpturesandornaments.co.uk/home-furniture.html
becky 1 years ago at 8:42 AM
Have you every tried using Ceramic Molds to make cement items?
Ed McCormick 1 years ago at 10:20 AM
Plasters molds? Cement is cast usually in rubber molds as rubber is flexible and thus, makes demolding easier especially with casts with undercuts.

Plaster is rigid and porous. Conceivably a plaster mold could be used if it was concave in shape so there were no undercuts. But the plaster would need to have its surface sealed first as it is very porous and the cement would find the tiny holes and stick fast.

The best bet to using a plaster mold is to use it to cast a flexible cast, then create a rubber mold using that one-off cast. I hope that answers your question.

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Ed McCormick
Tammy 7 months ago at 1:36 AM
Hello Ed,
I have just bought my dads garden moulds and some of the rubber moulds are worn.. can you reseal them with the mould making stuff or do you have to remake the entire mould?? Hope you can understand what im trying to say and i hope you can also help me.. thanks for your time.