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Paints and Dyes

Paints and Dyes

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EnvironMolds offers special painting and pigmenting systems for latex, silicone, polyurethane  and applications directly to skin.

  • The Cirius Latex Pigment system allows the intrinsic dyeing of all liquid latex. In additionin, by combining the pigment with added liquid latex it can be used as a paint to cover cured latex surfaces that will not crack or chip if the latex surface is flexed, unlike other paints.
  • The Cirius Silicone system is both a paint and dye. Use the silicone-based dye intrinsically to color silicone while mixing to give it a uniform color. Combining Cirius Silicone Medium with any Cirius Dye will fix it so that it can be applied extrinsically to any silicone surface guanateed not to rub off even if the sicone is flexed as the color is chemically incorporated into the silicone surface.
  • Cirius Urethane Dyes allow the coloring of polyurethane resins. The addition of a few drops of Cirius Urethane Dye will allow urethanes to be mixed to achieve a uniform color before the urethane has set. These are very concentrated dyes so a few drops go a long way.
  • EnvironMolds also offer a complete line of skin-safe body paints from Mehron in a wide variety of colors,