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Eyes and Body Parts

Eyes and Body Parts

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Realistic eyes can enhance the looks and effectiveness of your life casting work and sculptures. Take a look at our selection of glass eyes that includes the ever affordable flat backed variety and the more realistic blown glass eyes with veining.

EnvironMolds offers a great selection of both acrylic and hand German made hand blown glass eyes along with study model body parts. The eyes acrylic eyes are available in flat, semi round and fully round eyes and our 26 mm in size. The hand blown glass eyes are 28 MM in size, fully round and are available with or without veins.

The study cast are larger  than life reproductions of face parts from the statute of David. They make excellent studio refrences as well works of art as wall hangings as each come with an attachment loop for hanging.

The Styrofoam mannequin head can be used for mask making as well as an armature for building clay portraits.