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Art Supplies

Art Supplies

EnvironMolds offers a wide variety of unique and specialized art supplies to support mold making and casting. This category is divided into Eyes and Body Parts, Makeup Supplies and Paints and Dyes. Eyes anfd body parts includes glass eyes and acrylic eyes, as well plaster study casts of body parts. The Paints and Dyes category provides painting systems for painting latex, silicone and resin. For example, we offer specialized painting systems unique to latex, polyurethane resins as well as hard to paint silicone rubbers - and we didn't forget skin safe body painting either. If you are looking for realistic eyes for your life casting or sculpture works, we have a number of eyes from the least expensive flat backed, acrylic eyes to artisan customized fully round, hand blown glass eyes. Finally, our section on makeup focuses on theatrical items of all kinds, from bald caps to eye shadow, makeup brushes, makeup kits and everything in makeup in between.

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 Eyes and Body Parts Line  Makeup Supplies Line  Paints and Dyes
 Acrylic Eyes Round 26mm  Paradise Makeup AQ™    Cirius Latex Pigments
 Acrylic Eyes Half Round 26mm  Paradise -Empty Palette  Cirius Urethane Dye
 Acrylic Eyes Half Round 28mm  Paradise  - 8-color Palette  Cirius Silicone Paints
 Acrylic Eyes Flat 26 mm  3-in-1 Make-Up Kit  Cirius Paint Medium
 Glass Eyes Round 26 mm  22 Color Makeup Tools Set  Face and Body Paints
 Glass Eyes Round 28 mm  15 Color  Concealer  
 Glass Eyes Round 26 mm Viens  78 Color Eye Shadow  
 Styrofoam Head for Masks  Pop 20-Color Eye Shadow  
 Human Skull  98 Color Eyeshadows  
 Nose From David  Pro Studio Makeup  Brush  
 Lips From David  Pro Studio Powder Brush  
 Ear From David  Makeup Brush Set  
   7pc Makeup Brush Set  
   18pc Wood Makeup Brush