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AquaClear Clear Casting Resin

AquaClear resin is a non-yellowing, UV resistant, optically clear casting resin. AquaClear casting resin has a working life of 16 minutes and a demold time of 24 hours. Makes beautiful lifecastings.
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AquaClear Clear Casting Resin
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AquaClear Resin is a two-part polyurethane casting system. Clear AquaClear is mixed one-to-one by volume and cures at room temperature. Cured AquaClear Resin is UV resistant and non-yellowing. To preserve the surface clarity of AquaClear Resin, we recommend that you use a platinum-cure or condensation-cure silicone mold material such as BakeSil.

AquaClear Resin provides a combination of performance properties including optical clarity, mechanically AquaClear Resin is an optically clear polyurethane casting resin used where a hard, UV resistant, non-yellowing product is required. AquaClear Resin is often used to encapsulate objects. Some of the most common uses of AquaClear Resin are point-of-purchase displays, rapid prototypes, special effects, sculpture reproductions, giftware, etc.

Since AquaClear is an optically clear casting material due to the inability to avoid mixing in air during the preparation of the casting material tiny bubbles may be apparent in the finish product. To produce an absolutley bubble-free cast one must use a pressure pot.

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