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Plastisol is a liquid form of vinyl that is cured by heat to form a solid casting. Plastisols are dispersions of PVC resin in plasticizers, and modified with other raw materials to yield the desired properties of the end user. Plastisols are considered 100% solids material. EnvironMolds offers a complete line of formulations for the soft plastic fishing lure industry. These formulations are designed for injection molding, hand-pouring, dip molding (tube baits).


• Excellent Clarity

• Outstanding Heat Stability (non-scorching)

• Durometer (Hardness) Range: Shore 00 15 - 45

• Non-Settling Formulations Available

• Low Odor

• Non-tack finish

Available Additives

• Heat Stabilizers

• Hardeners

• Softeners

Our Plastisol which is used for making plastic fishing baits is a thick milky white liquid. To use it, it must be thoroughly mixed. This is especially important as the product settles to the bottom of the container. Improper blending will result in poor casts. The liquid plastisol must be heated to a temperature of about 325 degrees F. we recommend your microwave as the heat source using a microwave safe measuring cup to to heat the plastisol.

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