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The Ultimate Lifecasting Video - DVD

Takes your life casting art to the next level with 7 detailed demonstrations from the master effects artist and sculptor Mark Alfrey.
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Ultimate Life Casting Video - DVD

This is the latest video in Mark Alfrey's popular series on sculpting and special effects . . . AMAZING is the operative word for this unique video. This time Alfrey has out done himself by revealing the secrets of the Hollywood special effects artist while pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials such as engineered alginate and skin-safe silicone. Follow this master instructor as he leads you through 7 riveting demonstrations:

- Full Body Silicone Cast

- Full Body Alginate Cas  

- Pregnancy Cast  

- Full Head Cast  

- Open Eyes Face Cast   

- Hand Cast

- Teeth Cast  

A must have for every effects, life casting artist and sculptor. Your library is incomplete without it.

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