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MoldGel Alginate Regular Set 4-5 min Traditional Formula

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MoldGel Alginate Regular Set 4-5 min Traditional FormulaMoldGel Alginate Regular Set 4-5 min Traditional Formula
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  • READ How Alginate Is Made

    MoldGel - Regular Set with a 4-5 Minutes Set is ArtMolds' traditional formula - extra strong, too.  MoldGel alginate mixes easily into a smooth, creamy consistency providing forensic detail down to the fingerprints. RegSet gels in approximately 4-5-minutes. Its 3-to-1 (water to MoldGel) mix ratio means 1-lbs. (0.44 kgs.) of MoldGel yields 4-lbs. (1.8 kgs.) of high-coverage mold rubber. This is the right choice for larger applications such as heads, toros, arms and legs.

    MIXING AND CURING: Weigh or measure proper amounts of MoldGel Regular Set powder and 80° F. / 27° C water. Mix together rapidly, but avoid whipping in air. A turbo mixer on a variable speed drill is recommended. Thicken with more powder, thin with more water. Apply to surface with a flowing motion pushing air out ahead of material. Optional liquid retarder may be premixed with water to extend working time. See chart below.
    MoldGel will not bond to itself unless the previous mix is not completely set. Thus, a large mold requiring more than one mix should be made by mixing a series of mixes within five minutes of one another. Bonding can be accomplished on gelled MoldGel by spray or painting Algislo.
    You can also embed fiber into MoldGel to secure the shell. As soon as MoldGel is firm, mix and apply a mother mold using plaster bandages or cheesecloth and diluted plaster. When plaster shell is set, remove the mold. It is recommended that a positive casting be made within the hour, as MoldGel will begin to loose detail as it dries.

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Quick separation is possible Review by Kirti Khan
I prefer to use this MoldGel to make flexible molds in my restoration work. What I particularly like is that it sets pretty quickly and can therefore be separated from the subject within a few minutes of application itself! (Posted on 4/3/2014)

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