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Pair of Chocolate Duncan Donuts - Faux Fake Prop

A pair of chocolate glazed Duncan donuts.
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Pair of Chocolate Duncan Donuts - Faux Fake Prop

Not One . . . But Two Mouth Watering Chocolate Glazed Duncan Donuts! Two mouth watering donuts molded directly from two fresh Duncan donuts complete with a yummy (faux) translucent sugar frosting. We captured all the detail . . . the taste is left up to your imagination. I can tell you they are gooood as truth be told there were actually three donuts when we started and I ate one of them. The sheen of sugar glaze icing is made to fool the closet scrutiny. Only the lack of aroma will give it away. And . . . if you are thinking about a Trans fat diet what could be a better substitute than the look without the calories. They will last forever as we cast them with a plastic polyurethane resin in our studio.

We must stress that this is no ordinary reproduction either. It was created by chef who is also a master mold maker and artist specifically for display or decoration purposes. So you will be thrilled when you open your donut box. You best have a real donut next to you when you do to satisfy your chocolate cravings. By the way Krispy Kreme is on the way so then you can compare.

These are of cource actual Duncan Donut-sized . . . about 4-inches in diameter and 3 1/4 inches tall. HINT: Collect a full dozen and fill your empty Duncan Donut box. OR . . purchase on the spilled faux Duncan Donut coffee cup. AND for all those who are put off by a careless spill you can also purchase a proper fake cup of coffee with an actual stirring spoon.

These are the perfect compliments to a pair of faux fake mouth watering chocolate sugar glazed donuts. "Eat or not to eat," that is the question. Shakespeare never had been tempted by donut real or fake. So he never was inspired to write a play or sonnet. But you will be once you receive our special poetry inspired donuts. These fabulous looking donuts are for display only to enhance your kitchen or to grace a restaurateur’s decor. (Don't fool your kids or neighbors as that is not right.) It does not contain wax or gel. Therefore, it will always remain fresh looking and ready to trigger a faux chocolate craving.

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