Requirement: Replace front walkway and steps at 50 Livingston Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974  Telephone: 908 273-5600 as for Ed

The front walkway is concrete with four steps nosed with 8-inch soldier brick pavers. The steps have 7" risers. The steps and walkway is 65 1/2" wide. There are five levels. The main walkway is 102" long. Level 2 is 13" long; level 3 is 21 1/2" long; level 4 is 28" long; and level 5 (street level) is 45" inches long totaling 209.5" or 17.5 feet od concrete, not including the four 8" long brick stair noses.So the walkway is 5.5 feet wide by 17.5 long.or 96.25 sf. With a 5" thick slab, estimate concrete required is: 40.104 cubic feet or 1.485 cubic yards or 1.136 cubic meters.


concrete cement molds-3     concrete cement molds-3
concrete cement molds-3     concrete cement molds-3

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