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This is the exact same table, only has @media queries applied to is so that when the screen is too narrow, it reformats (via only CSS) to make each row a bit like it's own table. This makes for much more repetition and vertical space needed, but it fits within the horizontal space, so only natural vertical scrolling is needed to explore the data.

First Name Last Name Job Title Favorite Color Wars or Trek? Porn Name Date of Birth Dream Vacation City GPA Arbitrary Data
James Matman Chief Sandwich Eater Lettuce Green Trek Digby Green January 13, 1979 Gotham City 3.1 RBX-12
The Tick Crimefighter Sorta Blue Wars John Smith July 19, 1968 Athens N/A Edlund, Ben (July 1996).
Jokey Smurf Giving Exploding Presents Smurflow Smurf Smurflane Smurfmutt Smurfuary Smurfteenth, 1945 New Smurf City 4.Smurf One
Cindy Beyler Sales Representative Red Wars Lori Quivey July 5, 1956 Paris 3.4 3451
Captain Cool Tree Crusher Blue Wars Steve 42nd December 13, 1982 Las Vegas 1.9 Under the couch

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