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December 6, 2017


Contact Person: Ed McCormick

EnvironMolds Tapped to Reproduce Automotive Parts for Gator Motorsports

Summit, NJ: Gator Motorsports has put both its trust and its driver’s hands into the mold-making and casting materials company EnvironMolds. The materials company will create and supply copies of special steering wheel grips for Gator’s Formula-style racecar. Each May, Gator Motorsports, representing the University of Florida, competes against 120 teams from all over the world in the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) design competition in Michigan.

EnvironMolds announced that it has accepted Gator Motorsports request to reproduce special its steering wheel grips. The grips will be created in EnvironMolds’ KastEZ polyurethane resin which in turn, will be fastened to a carbon fiber base plate.


The Project – Creating Polyurethane Steering Wheel Grips for Formula-one Style Racecar

Every year the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) at the University of Florida. designs and manufactures a small-scale Formula-style racecar.  Over 120 teams from universities around the world compete in the FSAE collegiate design competition at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. This competition is comprised of two types of events: static and dynamic. Static events include in-depth analyses of the vehicle’s design and cost, as well as a formal business presentation to a panel of potential product investors. Dynamic events assess the performance, reliability, and efficiency of the vehicle.

For Gator Motorsports, the opportunity to design, manufacture, and build a Formula-style racecar is more than just an extracurricular pursuit, it is a passion. This competition assesses the team’s ability to not only engineer and produce a reliable, high-performance vehicle, but also its ability to organize and manage a team to develop a feasible product for market. Its program provides students with the technical, teamwork, and project management skills required to transition seamlessly into careers in industry.

This year, Gator Motorsports reached out to EnvironMolds for help in casting new steering wheel grips that its team designed. In past years, its steering wheels had been 3-D printed. But in 2017-2018, the design change included a hand assembled carbon fiber version for both its strength and lightness. But it meant that steering grips had to be designed into the wheel to allow drivers a secure, safe and slip-free means to hold onto the wheel at racing speeds.

EnvironMolds agreed to help Gator Motorsports to manufacture these special components from models that Gator designed.  From these models, silicone molds were created using the company’s propriety formulated, MoldRite 25 silicone.


Support American Education Program

As part of its Support American Education program, EnvironMolds announced that they will donate the completed grips, valued at over $2,500, to Gator Motorsports as just one of its ways to help advance the organization with this important collegiate competition.

By taking on the challenge of reproducing a, difficult-to-manufacture resin part, the mold-making and casting materials company certainly lives up to its reputation of being able to “Reproduce Almost Anything”.


About EnvironMolds: Founded in 1998 and Based in Summit, NJ, EnvironMolds is a leading mold-making and casting materials company, specializing in alginate, resin, latex, silicone, and many other mold-making materials. For more information about EnvironMolds, and its potential support for your educational cause, you are invited to visit or contact:


2 Photographs –          Resin Grips Being Cast

Cast Resin Grips

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