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Mask Making 36

Figure 36

As the first layer of plaster is applied, the pre-cut strips of cheesecloth are dipped in plaster and smooth out for application

Mask Making 37

Figure 37

Additional plaster impregnated cheesecloth is added to front the surface, overlapping successive pieces until the entire surface is covered.

Mask Making  38

Figure 38

Care must be taken to smooth out the cheesecloth against the front surface so that there are no air bubbles. The air bubbles would weaken the mold.

Mask Making 39

Figure 39

Extra cheesecloth is added around the entire flange for added strength. The flange takes a great deal of stress why prying apart the two plaster mold halves and such reinforcement minimizes possible breakage.

Mask Making 40

Figure 40

As the plaster sets up on the front, the clay wall can now be removed from behind the plaster. Note the clay being removed.

Mask Making 41

Figure 41

The clay is also removed from the mold keys. Note the prominent protruding mold key which was the result of the three indentations made in the clay before creating the plaster mold.

Mask Making 42

Figure 42

A plaster rasp is used to smooth off the rough edges and corners of the plaster. Sharp edges can cause cuts so they should be removed.

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