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Mask Making  8

Figure 8

The materials to create the slush casting mold are laid and readied for use.

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Figure 9

These are the tools and materials that will be used. However, you should note that most slush casting mold of this type uses burlap as a plaster reinforcing material. However, our team prefers the thinness of cheese cloth as it is easy to lay down without air bubbles underneath.

Mask Making  10

Figure 10

A generous amount of cheese cloth strips are cut and laid in two piles. One set will be used on the front of the plaster mold, while the other on the back half. Plaster is portioned out in two containers, one for each half of the plaster mold as is water. Behind the mixing container on the right is a clay cutting board and a clay wire cutter.

Mask Making  11

Figure 11

This is a do-it-yourself clay cutting board. It is made with a piece of half inch plywood with 4 layers of paint stirrers glue to each other for proper thickness and then glued in parallel to each other on the surface of the board. This will allow clay slabs to be cut about 1 ½ inches thick for use in making the parting wall.

Mask Making  12

Figure 12

In this step, the clay sculpture must be sealed.  Good polyurethane clear matte spray is used similar to what is available from Rustoleum or Krylon. Three light coats are applied, allowing a few minutes wait between coats for each to dry. Care needs to be taken to avoid drips as they will show up in the latex mask.

Mask Making  13

Figure 13

Talc powder is applied to the clay cutting board as a release so the clay will not stick to the board.

Mask Making  14

Figure 14

A block of WED Clay (water-based clay) is placed on the cutting board. A wire, clay cutter is pulled through the clay following along the parallel sticks attached to the board to produce and even cut.

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