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Encapsulation Art and Preservation
 Encapsulation Art Grade 5-12 The project is actually very simple and easy to complete successfully. Two basic ingredients are all that are needed. ArtMolds' water clear AquaClear resin and colored modeling clay. To cast each piece, the student will need a molding container. But since the clear liquid plastic sticks to many things, you will need the specific container listed in the Materials section in which to pour the liquid plastic.
Punk'd Art - 'Did I Do That?'
 Punk'd Art Grade 5-12

Punk'd was an American hidden camera practical joke television series on MTV. Being"Punk'd" refers to having such a prank played on oneself, or more likely to "punk someone. Punk'd art is humorous art that fools the viewer. The example above is known as assemblage art which is a three dimensional composition of found or made objects. It is surprisingly simple to create your own, too as this lesson plan will show.


Casting the Symbols of Liberty
 Casting the Liberty Bell Grades 5-7 This lesson provides opportunities to experiment with and think about where our lives would be without the products created through mold making and casting. Many of the material objects we enjoy today are the result of this historic art form dating back to over 6000 years, without it we would still be in the dark ages. This lesson invites students to create a simple mold and a casting of the Liberty Bell as well as to learn an easy to follow finishing technique.


Cool Tools - The Art of Sweet Fakery for Theatre and Film
 Fake Cake Grade 5-12 4-part lesson plan. Most of us sit through plays and films without ever wondering where all the realistic- looking props come from, and so appreciating the amount of work that goes into creating them. A rubber version of poor The student will explore this intriguing industry and create a scrumptious cake in latex rubber that looks so real it will fool mom. These techniques can be readily used in the school's theater arts programs, too.


Science Meets Art in Paleontology
 Dinosaur Grade 6-8 Paleontology(from Greek:paleo, "ancient"; ontos,"being";and λόγος,logos,"knowledge") is the study of prehistoric life forms on earth through the examination of plant and animal fossils. Though paleontology is considered a science, the assembling of fossils for display and study is actually a high art form. The student will explore this fascinating subject by creating their own fossils and learn how fossil molds are made by creating a mold of their assembled fossil art and making a casting of their assemblage as a beautiful plaque.


The Alchemist's Art: Real Student Wizardry
 Alchemist Grade 6-8 In the history of science, alchemyrefers to both an early form of the investigation of nature and early philosophy both combining elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics and art.  This lesson plan uses a number of techniques to demonstrate to the student how, by combining art with science the student can transform liquids into solids, creating modern day bonded bronze, bonded wood and cold cast marble which can in turn be used as a casting materials to create fine art.



For additional lesson plans make certain you check out Volume 1 Lesson Plans that WOW! you can review the book page-by-page right here to provide you with great creative inspiration.

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