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Faux / Fake Food

Faux or Fake Food

Learn to create unique and realistic artificial food displays. Fake foods make a great addition to decorate your house, stage a model home, accentuate displays in your store and for resale. Fake food is great for model homes, photographers, for the home and makes a great gift. Fake foods are also a wonderful addition for strict dieters, and they don’t need refrigeration. You can duplicate the foods you see and, plus create many more with the materials from EnvironMolds. For fake food instructions click on the fake food lesson plan for complete instructions. It is great fun, too.

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Bunt Cake

Faking a Realistic Bunt Cake

The techniques and materials to produce a faux bunt cake.

Coffee Spill

The Fake Coffee Spill Spoof

The techniques and materials to produce a fake coffee spill.

Petit Fours

Creating Realistic Petit' Fours

The techniques and materials to produce realistic petit' fours.

Coffee with Cream? It looks real

The techniques and materials to produce a tempting cup of coffee.

Non-Fattening Donuts

The techniques and materials to create realistic donuts.

Associated Products

407 Casting Latex

Industry standard for superior detailed and tear-resistant latex props and food items.

Latex Paints

Cirius brand latex paints insure non-cracking for latex all surfaces.

MoldRite 25 Silicone

MoldRite 25 is a silicone rubber ideal for making molds of food items for faux food casts.

KastEZ Resin

KastEZ Resin is an all purpose polyurethane resin which provides realistic casts of foods

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Faux / Fake Food