EnvironMolds Product Explainer Videos

The following product explainer videos are summary overviews of the  EnvironMolds product line. The videos are brief, running from one to two minutes each.The short videos provide an excellent introduction, for first time users, into the uses and applications of each EnvironMolds products. For instructional videos on kold making and casting please click here.


 KreemTex Liquid Mold Making Latex 

A tradintional general purpose, low cost mold-making rubber


 ArtMolds Vacuum Chamber

 Removes air bubbles from mold rubbers


 CastRite Art Stone

 A high detail casting plaster


 407 Liquid Latex

 For mask making, dip molding and E FX 


 KastEZ Polyurethane Casting Resin 

 A general purpose, high quality, fast setting, casting plastic


 ArtMolds Pressure Pot

 Removes air bubbles from casting resins


 SILFREE High Yield Silica-Free Alginate Impression Material

 Includes Hollywood Impressions, MoldGel Regular Set, MoldGel Slo Set 


 Del Milano Plastilina Clay

 Sulfur-free non-hardening clay


  Algislo 4-in-1

Alginate Bonder, Softener, Retarder and Cleaner


 Instant Molds

High quality plaster of Paris bandage


  MoldRite 25 Silicone

A traditional general purpose mold making rubber


  LifeRite Skin Safe Silicone

 A fast setting silicone used for life casting when multiple copies are required


 SkinRite 10 A soft, translucent Silicone

 Excellent product for producing life-like skin for dolls, animotronic and special effects


  AquaClear Resin

 A water clear polyurethane resin for casting and embedding


  FiberGel E FX Alginate

 A ultra-strong and highly tear resistant mold making alginate


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