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cold casting

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Cold Casting

"Cold Casting" is a simple technique using fine metal, stone or wood powder (usually -325 mesh) to create objects that duplicate the look and feel of "hot" foundry castings, without the expense and danger of working with molten materials in a foundry. Cold casting Bronze, Copper and Tin are the most popular metals used for this purpose. However, cold casting s also done with porcelain, limestone and marble. These are popular for a stone or ceramic finish, with wood flour being used for a wood effect on furniture and moldings. The cold casting powders are added to a resin binder such as KastEZ or AquaClear resin.

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Cold Casting Metal Parts

Cold Casting Metal Parts

Using cold casting techniques to replace metal parts and handles.

Duplicating a Porcelain Insulator

Duplicating a porcelain insulator to restore old stern wheeler ship.

Cold Casting Wooden Items

Recreate wooden items such as knobs for restoration..

Bonded Metal Torso Castings

Bonded Metal Torso Castings

Cast life molds in a variety of metal finishes from bronze to many others.

Cold Casting Mixed Materials

Cold Casting Mixed Materials

Recreating an antique glass and cast bronze doorknob.

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Associated Products

KastEZ Resin

KastEZ Resin is an opaque resin used in bonding metal and stone powders.

Copper Powder

Copper powder is an excellent choice when combined with resin, for furniture inlaying.

Brass Powder

Brass powder makes a brilliant cold casting surface when polished

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cold casting