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1/15/2018 - Now You Can Instantly Find the Right Mold Making or Casting Product Online Without Hassle

It’s here! Announcing the launch of mold making and casting materials company, EnvironMolds newly redesigned and upgraded website.

1/1/2018 - Introducing InPlais Amazing Non-Slip Rug Backing

InPlais™, prevent trips and falls by stopping slippery rugs and fixes them to any floor surface to prevent the sliding that cause so many accidents. Simply brush two coats of InPlais on the back of any rug and it will stay “in place.”

12/15/2017- EnvironMolds Tapped to Create Automotive Parts for Gator Motorsports

As part of its support for American Education program, EnvironMolds announced that they will donate the completed sterring grips it reproduced, valued at over $2,500, to Gator Motorsports as just one of its ways to help advance the organization with this important collegiate competition.

10/30/2017 - EnvironMolds Donates Reproduced Parts to Restore Grand Old Sternwheeler

Mold and casting materials company EnvironMolds ha staken on a specialized reproduction project for the Ohio History Connection. It is creating and donating parts for the restoration of the last sternwheeler steam tow boat in the USA, the 1918 W.P. Snyder,Jr.


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