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Monster Movie Masks Series Part 1 and 2 -DVD

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 Monster Movie Masks Series Part 1 and 2 -DVDs

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If you want to learn the secrets of how the award winning Hollywood special effects artists make those great looking latex masks and special effect props this is the video for you.  Industry insiders special effects artists Omar Sfreddo and Anthony Giordano team up to cover all the basic techniques as well as many of the newer methods for latex casting. After viewing this video you will be well versed in the creation of all types of mask making, imitation pottery, puppet heads, and theatrical display articles. With these two talented instructors you’ll have great fun as well as build your skills in the art of special effects. Omar’s special effect credits include such movie greats as Spiderman 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Zathura and Blade 2, while Anthony’s includes regular stints on Saturday Night Liveand many theatrical productions. You’ll learn:

Part 1 Molding and Casting Latex Masks

Resculpting the model

Building partin walls and keys

Preparing the model for mold making

Creating the mold


Casting the mask or prop


Part 2 Finishing and Painting

Removing the flashing

Repairs prior to painting

Material required

Painting the model

Adding depth

Adding viens and realism

Finishing the paint

Part 1 Molding and Casting Latex MasksPart 2 Finishing and Painting

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