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Release Agents

Release Agents

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  1. MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release

    MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release

    Starting at: $14.95

    Water soluble! This gem of a product is a "must have" for every lifecaster Avoid the hassle of tangled hair and win your model over with MoldEZ. Learn More
  2. ArtLube-100 Rapid Mold Release

    ArtLube-100 Rapid Mold Release

    Starting at: $15.95

    Comparable to Synlube 531. ArtLube-100 is a silicone-based release agent specifically formulated for use with polyurethane molding systems and KastEZ urethane casting system It can also be used with other polyurethanes, epoxies, polyester resins, and silicone rubbers. Learn More
  3. Synlube 1000 Mold Release

    Synlube 1000 Mold Release

    Starting at: $16.99

    Synlube 1000 (recently renamed IsoLube), is a silicone-based release agent formulated for the release of both low and high temperature cured urethanes from metal and plastic molds. It can also be used with epoxies and Viton Learn More

Release agents are an important consideration in mold making and casting activities. They prevent mold making and casting materials from sticking to each other, thus allowing easy separation in de-molding. In certain instances, silicone rubbers may not need a release agent, however, the use of a release agent in those cases it will significantly increase mold life. In addition, to the mold release agents offered by EnvironMolds, it also offers an excellent hair release for life casting. MoldEZ, prevents alginate tangles. Unlike petroleum jelly it washes out in one shampoo.