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Por-A-Mold and Por-A-Kast

Por-A-Mold and Por-A-Kast

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Por-A-Mold and Por-A-Kast II Por-A-Kast II and Por-A-Mold are complementary urethane-based molding and casting products that can be used separately, but are often used in combination to create exceptionally durable and detailed castings of objects. Together, they are an ideal combination for sculpture and modeling.

Por-A-Mold. A room-temperature curing, two-component urethane rubber mold making system that's ideal for artwork and special effects(not to be used on skin.) When blended in a one to one ratio by volume, it gives molds of superior quality and high reproductive fidelity for use with resin, epoxy, wax, plaster, and other casting materials. Molds will not shrink or soften with age and should remain usable for 20 years or more. To avoid damage to your artwork, we recommend the use of ArtLube 100 Wax-Based Mold Release Agent.

Soft Kits Soft Kits are excellent for molding deep undercuts and have the elasticity needed to unmold successfully, yet transfer those deep undercuts to the castings.

Medium Kits These kits are intended for molding objects with moderate undercuts.

Hard Kits Hard Kits are intended for objects with light to moderate undercuts. These kits have the strength to be used over and over while resisting distortion.

Por-A-Kast II Por-A-Kast II is a room-temperature curing urethane casting material that is excellent for casting artwork from either rigid or flexible molds. Simply mix equal amounts of the two components, add the desired amount of filler, and pour into the mold. Gel time is 3 minutes. Demold in 8-15 minutes.The finished cast is bright white in color when completely cured. It may then be sanded, cut, drilled, or bonded. Stain or paint as desired.

Por-A-Kast II is the perfect companion to Por-A-Mold. Use Por-A-Kast II with Synlube 531 Wax-Based Mold Release Agent